MxPx Appeals To Early Fans With Special Christian Edition Of New Album

BREMERTON, WA—Pop punk band MxPx has a brand-new album out, but this time around they’re offering something exclusively for their early evangelical fans: a “Special Christian Edition” of the record that adds several vague references to God and scrubs the mild language found on the secular version.

The album, available as a digital download, CD, or cassette tape for nostalgic believers who grew up listening to MxPx, represents the band’s attempt to break back into the Christian market.

“We wanted to show respect to the Christian fans that got us started,” bassist and frontman Mike Herrera said. “This is our little way to say ‘thank you’ for following us through all these years: a special edition of the record just for you. We toss out every reference to ‘baby’ and replace it with ‘Jesus,’ and the couple of cuss words on there are edited out entirely.”

“It’s a hell—err, I mean heck of a record,” he added.

At publishing time, the band had also confirmed plans to re-release PokinatchaTeenage PoliticsLife in General, and Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo with all references to God removed for their newer secular fan base.

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