Nation Doesn't Care Who Wins, Just Excited Not To See Facebook Voting Notifications For A While

U.S.—According to a new poll, the vast majority of Americans don't really care who wins and loses in today's election. Instead, most voters just want Facebook and other big tech companies to stop pestering them about voting all the time.

Trump received 5% of the vote in the survey, while Biden also received 5%. But 90% of the nation just responded, "I don't care -- just please stop the voting ads." There was also strong support for an end to celebrity videos about voting and celebrities offering -- or, in most cases, threatening -- to take their clothes off in support of a particular candidate.

"No matter who wins or loses, the important thing is that Facebook stops bugging us about voting," said Victoria Gibbons of Iowa. "That's the real issue here, and I'm so excited that starting tomorrow, we won't have to see Facebook pop-ups and warnings every five seconds."

At publishing time, Facebook had announced that voting notifications for the 2024 election would begin Wednesday.

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