Nation Looking For Right Phrase To Describe Media That Behaves Like Some Kind Of Adversary Of The Populace

U.S.—As the media continues to gaslight the American people, cover for pedophiles, and retract information when it damages their political allies, the nation is increasingly wishing there were some sort of phrase to describe the kind of behavior befitting of an adversary of the populace.

"If only there were a catchy phrase, in use for hundreds of years in a variety of contexts, that succinctly described the way the corporate press is behaving," said one man in Nebraska. He shook his head. "Nothing comes to mind though."

Concerned citizens convened in Cleveland to come up with a cogent callsign for the corporate cable news media.

Here is what they've come up with so far:

  • Adversary of the populace
  • Opposition of the citizenry
  • Opponent of the masses
  • Traitor to the inhabitants
  • Villian of the plebeians
  • Foe of the folk
  • Antagonist of the population

"Nothing quite has the right ring to it," said a man from Iowa, rubbing his chin. "We just can't put our finger on what to call these guys."

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