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Groundbreaking Pew Research Study Finds Pews Are Uncomfortable

U.S.—A new Pew Research survey found that 100% of pews are uncomfortable. The news came as a shock to religious leaders throughout the country as they mostly got to sit in normal chairs.

In Pew Research Center telephone surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019, 65% of American adults describe pews as hard, unyielding, painful. 30% of those surveyed said sitting on a pew is worse than sitting on the sidewalk naked. 5% said they blamed pews for their extensive back problems. Meanwhile, those who identified pews as comfortable came in at a very low 0%.

Both Protestantism and Catholicism agree on the discomfort of pews. Even atheists who have spent time in church agree. Pew Researchers found that pew discomfort is the most unifying view among all denominations, sects, and religions. In fact, even Millenials, who are declining in church attendance, still agree that pews are not very comfortable. 

Visit the Pew Research website to read the extensive 750-page report.


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