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New Mouse Shocks Office Workers Every Time They Click 'Reply All'

NEWARK, CA—Logitech's US division has announced a long-awaited feature in its latest mouse: the G9000 with Replyall-Shock functionality.

"If you provide this mouse to everyone in your office, then every time they attempt to 'reply all' in a situation that clearly only requires a regular reply, they'll receive 150,000 volts coursing through their veins," Logitech wrote in a press release. "This should be a welcome feature, especially for those working with people older than 60."

The tech community quickly agreed the punishment was "tough but fair."

"It's a fitting punishment for someone who tries to keep a thread going about cleaning up after yourselves in the break room, who is going to the company picnic in three months, or acceptable fonts for company memos," said an early tech review of the mouse on The Verge. The review did go on to criticize the mouse for not being designed by Apple, however, and promised to give it a more glowing review when Apple announces the exact same feature in three years.

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