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We're glad you're here! With Big Tech continuing to crackdown on free speech, your support means the world to us! We'll keep bringing the laughs as we build this community with you. For the uninitiated, here are a few things to know:

  • Comment on the articles! At first glance, the comment section will seem like a kind of negative place. That's because of our state-of-the-art Comment Generator! With one click, you can generate negative comments like "I miss Adam Ford," or "You used to be funny, but now you're just a right-wing hating rag." Have fun with it and roast away! 
  • Don't forget to check out the subscriber-exclusive portion of our podcasts. We save all the really juicy and inappropriate stuff for that section.
  • Think you're funny? Try pitching us headlines in the forum. We try to use around one subscriber pitch per day, so if you're good, you might just see your headline published. Don't forget to look at other submissions and upvote your favorites.
  • If you are the first commenter on an article, you get a "first" badge. It gets pretty competitive. Not sure why.
  • There is some kind of inside joke about "laundry piles" among the subscribers on this site. I have no idea what it means and no one will tell me.
  • If you're new, introduce yourself below! I promise we don't bite. Most of us don't anyway. 

Thanks for supporting free speech and moderately funny satire.

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