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Kanye West Joins The Newsboys

U.S.—The Newsboys announced over the weekend that they have replaced Michael Tait with new frontman Kanye West.

After Kanye seemed to experience a recent conversion to Christianity, the Newsboys immediately began seeking him out in secret, apparently not telling former frontman Michael Tait that his job was in jeopardy. Finally, the move was announced on a social media post on Saturday: Kanye West is the new frontman of the Newsboys.

"How can you be so heartless to think that God's not dead!" West sang out in a Sunday night concert, performing a new mashup by the two musical artists. The band also performed songs like 'Jesus Walks Up to the Microphone,' 'Ultralight Shine,' and 'They Don't Serve Breakfast in Paris.'" West wore the band's signature blazers during the performance and also donned a red "Make Christian Music Great Again" hat, stirring controversy.

Tait blasted the move, saying it was "heartless" for the band to fire him over Snapchat and that they shouldn't "come crawling back" if West decides he's no longer a Christian.

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