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Ocasio-Cortez Criticizes Venezuelans For Attempting Full-Blown Coupe Instead Of More Energy-Efficient High-Speed Rail

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After learning on Twitter that Venezuelans attempted a coup to oust President Nicolás Maduro from power, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quickly took to her various social media accounts to slam citizens of the South American country for not turning to "high-speed rail instead of gas-guzzling coupes."

"A coupe? Really?" she told an aide before firing up her smartphone. "I'll comment on this online. Everyone loves when I do that."

"Our planet is dying, and these selfish Venezuelans are creating a full-blown coupe when high-speed rail would be much more efficient," she wrote in the first tweet in a 28-tweet-long thread. "Coupes sometimes have big engines with 8 Vs. They are also loud sometimes, which means they are bad for the planet."

"The least they could do is switch to a Smart Car or moped," she added. "But really, high-speed rail is the best solution, not coupes."

"Besides, they should be thankful for a government that's willing to distribute poverty, violence, and oppression equally among the people, instead of confining these things to just a few," she wrote in the 21st tweet in the thread.

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