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As School Starts Again, Nation's Parents Chant, 'Send Them Back!'

U.S.—The nation's parents were seen all over the country shouting "Send them back!" as their children boarded school buses and got out of cars to go back to school again for the year.

"Send them back! Send them back!" they called out, looks of desperation and sheer delight on their faces.

Some critics said the chant was inappropriate.

"This is America," said one pundit on CNN. "You can't just say that kids need to go back to their school of origin. That's racist."

Parents who work out of the home said they tried to quell the chants, but video footage showed them just standing there taking in the slogan, appearing to be delighted by the chant.

Moms all over the country were then seen laughing maniacally for hours in their empty homes, amazed that they could clean the house and have it stay clean for more than fifteen seconds with the kids now gone at school.

At publishing time, the nation's parents had said they were bored.

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