Church Matt Chandler
Pastor Caught Lip-Syncing Sermon

WICHITA, KS—Pastor Gary Olsen of Mars Hill Baptist seemed to be bringing the heat Sunday morning, but slipped up and mistakenly revealed he was actually lip-syncing over a prerecorded message by Matt Chandler, according to eyewitnesses.

Sources say Olsen started out strong, perfectly syncing the movement of his lips up to Chandler’s trademark, thoughtful, energetic style, asking the congregation several times if they were “tracking” with him. But he ran into trouble about halfway through, when he coughed and bent down to get a glass of water and the sermon kept right on playing from the church’s sound system.

While many pastors have turned to pre-packaged or ghost-written sermons so they can concentrate on more important pastoral duties, Olsen’s congregation was reportedly in agreement that this incident took things just a little too far.

“I’m totally okay if he prints out a sermon word-for-word from the internet or whatever,” one congregant said. “But lip-syncing just feels so counterfeit, you know?”

Olsen has reportedly apologized to his congregation for the minor mishap, and has promised moving forward to only plagiarize other preachers’ sermons when he himself is the one reading them in his own authentic voice.

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