Planned Parenthood Thanks Northam For Distracting Everyone From All The Black Babies They Are Still Killing Every Day

NEW YORK, NY—In a video interview Tuesday, Planned Parenthood president Leana Wen thanked Governor Northam for his recent racist yearbook photo scandal, which has distracted from the fact that Planned Parenthood is still killing far more black babies every day than the KKK ever did.

"We're really thankful that everyone's anger is directed at this 35-year-old racist photo and not our actual racist practice of targeting black babies for abortion that has been a part of our company's core values for 100 years," she said. "When Northam came out and supported infanticide, we thought our goose was cooked. But thankfully, that photo came out, and now the attention is really off our barbaric practices and back on getting really worked up over old pictures."

"Northam is truly a champion of women's rights for taking the fall for us on this one," she added. Wen further stated that she's really glad people aren't looking into the connection between Planned Parenthood, abortion, racism, and eugenics. "I thought people might start connecting the dots, but thankfully they're just calling for Northam to resign for being racist in medical school."

"Whew---that was a close one," she added.


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