Sad: Joel Osteen Keeps Getting Picked Last For 'Bible Trivia'

OAKHURST, TX—Everyone had a great time at Lakewood Church’s recent staff retreat. Everyone that is, except pastor, author, and televangelist Joel Osteen.

“The smiling pastor” was tragically picked last for the fifth year running when the group began dividing up into two teams to play the Bible Trivia board game.

As the two team captains, Victoria Osteen and another staff pastor, began selecting members for their teams, Joel eagerly waved his hand around, mouthing “Pick me!” Pick me!” But get this: Victoria pretended not to see him, and selected intern Troy Davis instead! Whoa, talk about a burn!

Those who were present claim the pool of available players dwindled down until it was just Pastor Joel and a box of Testamints left—you’ve probably guessed it by now, but the Testamints got picked before poor ol’ Joel!

An exasperated-looking Victoria finally, begrudgingly agreed to let her husband be on her team, causing Joel to jump up excitedly and run to high-five his teammates, who tried to avoid eye contact with him throughout the ordeal.

At publishing time, sources confirmed that the Osteens’ team had been completely shut out. Sad ?

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