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Sad: This Guy Just Tried To Virtue Signal On The Internet But He Doesn't Have Any Followers

Tragic! This guy just had the perfect virtue signaling post on his Twitter account. He dunked on extremely popular ideas like white supremacy, racism, misogyny, Nazism, and hatred all in one perfectly crafted 280-character tweet: but then he realized he still had zero followers.

Now nobody will know how virtuous he is! Sad!

"Thousands of people struggle with this every day," said one professor of virtue signaling at Harvard University. "Many people are just tripping over themselves to show their followers how good and moral they are, but they don't have any. The progressive Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers are hoarding all the likes and RTs for themselves."

It's really a shame that so many people rushing to condemn the slightest whiff of bad morals are forced to go without any likes at all! We hope this guy is able to get a few followers at some point, so the world can benefit from how righteous he is. He deserves it!

At publishing time, the man was excited to see he had a follower, but quickly discovered it was just a Russian bot.

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