Sad: This Woman's Passionate Prayer Was Rejected After She Forgot To Comment 'Praying!' On Facebook
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This woman prayed passionately for her friend’s battle with cancer—a good thing, right?


Although she prayed for a full 15 minutes Thursday morning after reading on Facebook that a friend at church had been diagnosed with skin cancer, she never returned to Facebook to declare to the whole world that she was “praying!”

Her petition reportedly went straight to the garbage heap in heaven, reserved for requests that aren’t announced on social media or prayers that people don’t type out in full in the Facebook status box.

“This happens all the time,” a rep for heaven told us. “People spend lots of time laying out their requests before the Lord, but they forget the most important part: letting everyone know that you’re praying on Facebook.”

Don’t let this woman’s tragic fate befall you! Make sure to always jump on that Facebook post and tell the whole internet that you’re praying, just like Jesus said.

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