Senate Hearing Delayed As Ketanji Brown Jackson Has Trouble Locating The Women's Room

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson experienced a delayed start this morning after Ms. Jackson had trouble locating the women's room.

According to sources, she informed an attendant that she needed to "unleash the jackal" before entering the senate chamber. However, she did not return for the start of the hearing and the Senate committee chair became concerned.

"It is important that these hearings are on-time and orderly so that the American people can watch us ask tons of gotcha questions that are mostly irrelevant to the appointment of a Supreme Court justice," said a visibly concerned Sen Chuck Grassley of Iowa.

Kentanji Jackson was found an hour later staring at two doors with strange misshapen stick figures on them. "I'm not an Egyptologist," she said. "I can't interpret the meaning of these symbols."

The hearing started shortly thereafter once Jackson realized she could use the room with the triangle person.

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