Sole Voice Of Reason Drops Out Of Democratic Race

U.S.—Marianne Williamson has suspended her campaign, taking the sole voice of reason out of the Democratic primary.

With conspiracy theorist and spiritual guru Williamson gone, there isn't anyone left with reasonable ideas.

"Now that Williamson is out, the Democrats only have unhinged maniacs left to choose from," said one political commentator. "She had crazy ideas about spirit crystals and love and stuff, but compare that with Bernie Sanders's economic policies or Elizabeth Warren's housing plans, or the Green New Deal."

"She truly was the Dems' only hope for an intellectual candidate."

Other pundits agreed, saying it was concerning that the Dems have voted out the only person with workable ideas like love conquering hate.

Williamson has said she will use her extra time to go explore the galaxy for some kyber crystals.

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