Celebs Church Td Jakes
In Special Palm Sunday Service, T.D. Jakes Humbly Rides Into Sanctuary In Rolls-Royce

DALLAS, TX—During a special Palm Sunday service celebrating Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Bishop T. D. Jakes rode into The Potter’s House’s massive sanctuary in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, sources confirmed Monday.

According to those present, adoring parishioners threw suit jackets, church bulletins, and hundred-dollar bills down in front of the luxury vehicle as it slowly pulled down a church aisle, shouting, “Blessed is he who comes rolling in on 21s!” as they craned to get a glimpse of the preacher worth tens of millions of dollars.

Pulling the $450,000 car right up the steps of the multi-million-dollar sanctuary, the preacher reportedly stepped out right at his pulpit and delivered a message titled, “Jesus, Our Meek and Humble Savior.”

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