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Study: Calling Other Person A Nazi Is Most Effective Way To Dialogue

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN—According to a recent study released by Purdue University, the most effective way to exchange ideas with another person is to immediately call that person a Nazi.

Researchers compared the method of communication with other popular forms of dialogue, and logged the results over thousands of different online and in-person conversations.

“We found that when one person called the other a Nazi, the subject’s mind was immediately changed, no matter what topic was being discussed, almost every time,” a Purdue rep told reporters. “More respectful tactics like trying to listen to the person’s perspective, using logic, appealing to emotions, pointing out fallacies, or merely agreeing to disagree were almost totally ineffective, but as soon as any of the subjects played the Nazi card, their dialogue partner was almost instantly swayed to their way of thinking.”

“The data is clear: calling someone a Nazi is a persuasive, compelling way to communicate ideas,” he added.

According to university researchers, screaming at the top of your lungs that the person you are conversing with is “literally Hitler” is similarly effective.

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