Tebow Unsure If It's OK To Tebow In Baseball

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL—After hitting his first home run in practice with the New York Mets’ instructional league Tuesday, former NFL quarterback and aspiring MLB player Tim Tebow revealed to reporters that he is unsure whether or not it is OK for him to perform his signature “Tebow” celebration, in which he drops down on one knee and bows his head in a display of gratitude to God, after a significant achievement in a baseball game.

“Stuff like that is normal on a football field, but in baseball people get plunked for that kind of display. It’s a little flashy for this sport,” he told reporters after practice. “But then I think—so what if they bean me? Maybe that’s the sort of suffering I’m supposed to endure for Jesus on the ball field.”

As one might expect, the two-sport athlete scoffed at the idea of merely pointing toward the sky, as many professional ballplayers currently do after making a great play or getting a big hit.

“You know…everyone does that. I’m Tim Tebow. The people are expecting something different from me—something more extreme. Just pointing upward is so blasé and lukewarm.”

“I’m going to give some serious thought to exactly what I’ll do the first time I cross home plate after hitting my first bomb in the bigs,” he added, prompting some snickering from a few teammates in the background.

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