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TGC Downgrades Heresy Threat Level From Orange To Yellow

DEERFIELD, IL—Citing such influencing factors as the disappearance of Rob Bell from ministry and the release of a new book by John Piper, The Gospel Coalition has announced a downgrade in the heresy advisory level from Orange to Yellow. An Orange level indicates a “high” risk of heretical attacks, while a Yellow level indicates only a “significant” risk of heretical attacks.

“The decision to change the threat level down to Yellow was based on many factors, including the lack of a Joel Osteen book release in 2016 and continued interest in Reformed theology among young Americans,” the press release reads. In it citizens of the Kingdom were also encouraged to hold the line on such important issues as the doctrines of grace, the five solas, and the deity of Christ.

In a phone interview Monday, Timothy Keller, founding member of TGC, cautioned believers against dropping their guard despite the lowered risk of heresy. “It is true that the immediate risk of a wave of unorthodox attacks has lessened, but be vigilant. The risk is still significant. Osteen and other leaders could announce a new book at any moment.”

Keller was also quick to remind believers that the best defense against heresy happens at the local church level. “We can’t do this alone. If you see something, say something.”

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