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'Theology Doesn't Matter,' Says Man In Bold Theological Statement

HAPPY VALLEY, OR—In a bold theological statement issued on his Facebook page Wednesday, local Christian man Clay Bernard boldly declared that “theology doesn’t matter.”

Bernard suggested that theology is “nothing but noise,” inadvertently revealing his deeply held personal understanding of the nature and character of God and divine revelation. He further suggested that other aspects of the Christian faith are “far more important,” a declaration that is a central tenet of his own personal theology of God and the Bible.

“It’s just all about loving each other and knowing Jesus, not about theology,” he wrote in a Facebook status, unaware that his statement included at least three theological truth claims regarding God’s purpose for man kind. “God doesn’t want us to memorize facts about Him or try to systematize Him in books. We should all just follow Jesus’s example.”

Berard carefully and systematically laid out his views in clear, well-defined points, providing a rudimentary systematic theology of God for his followers.

At publishing time, Bernard had declared no one could ever be absolutely sure about anything, a fact about which he was absolutely sure.

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