Tim Keller To Scale Back To Writing Just Five Books Per Week

NEW YORK, NY—Citing a need for rest as well as a desire to focus on his family life and the needs of the church he pastors, author Timothy Keller has announced that he’s scaling back to writing only five books each week of the year.

“Sometimes, we get going a mile a minute, and we can easily get our priorities out of whack,” Keller said in a video posted to the Redeemer Presbyterian Church website. “That’s why I’m committing to only put five books out per week, down from my previous pace of two per day, excluding Sundays of course.”

“I want to make sure I’m modeling a healthy, gospel-centered rhythm of productivity and rest,” a smiling Keller added.

According to the famous pastor, he’ll also be dialing back his church planting efforts to just nine new congregations in the next year, while “taking it easy” in his own personal reading time, aiming to re-read Lord of the Rings only twice weekly.

At the end of Keller’s address, the video faded to an advertisement for his books that are set to come out next week, including a 350-page work on spiritual discipline, a 290-page book on church polity, and a small, 150-page pamphlet on the atonement.

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