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Tim Tebow Miraculously Feeds 5,000 Hungry Fans After Concession Stand Runs Out Of Food

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—According to reports, Scottsdale Scorpions outfielder Tim Tebow came to the rescue Wednesday when the stadium concession stand ran out of food in the middle of an afternoon game against the Tucson Saguaros.

“I was standing in the on-deck circle during the 4th inning, and I looked up, and I saw murmuring and restlessness in the crowd,” Tebow told reporters after the game. “I walked over to the stands and asked a vendor what was going on. He said there was no more food at the concession stand, and the people were hungry. I felt God leading me to do something.”

Witnesses report that Tebow then asked the vendor for the contents of his portable tray. The young man pulled out five bags of peanuts and two boxes of Cracker Jacks. Tebow raised the snacks toward the sky, said a prayer, and began distributing the refreshments to the approximately 5,000 fans attending the game.

“Somehow, we all had enough to eat,” said one satisfied fan. “There was even enough left over for the players in the dugout.”

The contentment of the crowd was later threatened when dark clouds approached the field, but Tebow reportedly walked to the pitcher’s mound, held up his arms to pray, and the thunderstorm quickly gave way to sunny skies.

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