Trump Now Wearing 178 Masks To Show He Is Most Patriotic American Of All Time

WASHINGTON, DC—After Trump's recent patriotic tweet depicting him wearing a patriotic COVID mask patriotically, Hollywood celebrities and Democrats have responded by posting pictures of themselves wearing 2 or even 3 masks to prove they are far more patriotic than Donald Trump.

"I am more patriotic than Donald J. Trump," declared Alyssa Milano in a video depicting her entire head covered in masks. Lady Gaga also responded by snapping an Instagram photo of her wearing a dress made completely out of COVID masks.

Not to be outdone, Trump tweeted yet another photograph of himself covered from head to toe in 178 masks, shutting down all those other fake patriots forever.

The tweet reads as follows: "Look at your FAVORITE president covered in thousands and thousands of the most BEAUTIFUL masks! PATRIOTIC!" 

CNN was quick to fact-check the president's dubious claim of wearing "thousands and thousands" of masks. A team of scientists and counting experts was able to confirm the number of masks was more likely less than 200. 

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