Trigger-Warning Warning Instituted For Those Triggered By Trigger Warnings
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**Trigger-warning warning: this article contains a potentially-triggering trigger warning.**

**Trigger warning: this article contains potentially-triggering content.**

U.S.—In response to the growing number of people who are triggered by trigger warnings, the internet has instituted a trigger-warning warning (TWW) to warn people who are about to be exposed to a piece of content preceded by a trigger warning that they should not proceed if the trigger warning might trigger them, sources reported Wednesday.

The new protocol, which internet experts confirm should be put into effect immediately, reinforces the existing rules calling for any article, image, video, audio, etc. which may be triggering to any reader in any way to be preceded by the words “trigger warning” or the letters “tw,” but adds that the trigger warning itself should now be preceded by the words “trigger-warning warning” or the letters “tww,” out of respect and care for those who may be triggered by the trigger warning, to clearly warn them that they are about to be exposed to a potentially triggering trigger warning.

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