Trump Celebrates Middle East Peace Deal By Cooking Up His World-Famous Bacon-Wrapped Pork Ribs

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Trump celebrated his historic Middle East peace deal today by cooking up his world-famous bacon-wrapped pork ribs on the White House lawn, inviting the participants from the Muslim and Jewish nations to partake in his "good old-fashioned home cooking."

"You guys are gonna love these bad boys. You guys have pork over there in the Middle East? This is the best recipe for bacon-wrapped pork, maybe ever," he said as horrified representatives of Israel and other Middle Eastern nations looked on. "The trick is I marinate it in extra bacon grease just before I throw it on the grill."

Trump served up the ribs buffet-style and told everybody to dig in.

"Don't be shy -- there's plenty to go around! And don't worry, the sauce is kosher. I checked."

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