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Trump Takes To Twitter To Viciously Attack White House Step He Stumbled Over

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After briefly stumbling over a step located in the West Wing of the White House, President Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday and unleashed a long-winded rant against the installation in the government office.

The rant encompassed several dozen tweets composed over a period of about an hour.

“Stupid Step was not where it should have been. ‘Jumped’ out and tripped me badly when I was looking other way. Not good!” Trump tweeted to kick off his tweetstorm of angry words against the mahogany stair step.


“I’m told Obama had this step installed. Sick guy!” and “Real nasty little step – not a nice step at all! SAD!” he added later, before threatening to “remove” the step if he tripped on it again.

Trump went on to insult the contractor who installed the step, the tree whose wood the step was made out of, and several of the witnesses standing nearby who nervously laughed at the mishap.

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