In Brilliant 4D Chess Move, Trump Tricks Media Into Condemning Riots

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Trump, whose genius is only surpassed by his incredible stability, has pulled one over on the mainstream media once again. In a brilliant move that only he could've come up with, he has tricked the media into condemning riots by starting one himself.

To add to the genius of this move, sources say, Trump didn't even start the riot. Instead, he talked in a secret, complex code that only Q-people can understand, telling them to invade the Capitol without even telling them to invade the Capitol.

As soon as the Trump supporters raided the Capitol, the media rushed in to condemn riots, instantly exposing themselves as hypocrites. 

"Ha ha ha!" Everyone said. "Look at the dumb mainstream media! They are hypocrites!"

The media was sad because of all the people laughing at them.

Conservative media then had a great time dunking on the hypocritical mainstream media for a few days before being promptly kicked off social media.

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