Tucker Carlson Preaches At John MacArthur's Church

SUN VALLEY, CA—John MacArthur appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News show last night, and MacArthur appears to have returned the favor, inviting the popular cable news show host to deliver a sermon. 

Carlson ranted about people kneeling for the national anthem, mobs tearing down statues, and American intervention in foreign countries. The congregation cheered as he took down leftist positions on free speech, cancel culture, and law and order. For a large portion of the sermon, he just stared in befuddlement, however.

"One thing is clear: the left hates America," he concluded to thunderous applause. He continued to just look on in befuddlement, however. The church got ready to go to lunch, at which point MacArthur informed everyone he would still be preaching a sermon, so they could settle back into their seats for another 65 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, CNN's Brian Stelter was asked to preach at a local Episcopalian congregation, which had an audience size he was accustomed to.

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