Twitter Hires French Immigrant Hilareaux L'Clintoneux To Fact-Check Trump's Tweets

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—Twitter has appointed a new head of fact-checking that will verify all the information the president tweets. In order to make sure the fact-checker was fair and balanced, the social network hired a recent French immigrant with no political bias, Ms. Hilareaux L'Clintoneux.

"We need to, how you say, fact-check zee President, oui?" L'Clintoneux said at a press conference. "Zis president says zings zat are sometimes, how you say, in-acc-ur-ate?"

"Inaccurate," said an assistant.

"Ah, zat's what I thought."

L'Clintoneux immediately fact-checked a tweet Trump sent saying, "I AM THE PRESIDENT!" finding it to be false, as Hillary Clinton actually won the election in 2016 but was robbed. "Zis will not stand!" she said angrily as she wrote a fact-check of the tweet. "Oui! Baguette! Cheese! Merci! Eiffel tower!"

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