Report: Hunter Biden Documents Were Lost By Jewish-American UPS Driver Hillzekiah Clintonstein

U.S.—Tucker Carlson says UPS lost his Hunter Biden documents. UPS has reported that the driver who misplaced the incriminating evidence was a Jewish-American delivery man named Hillzekiah Clintonstein.

"I seem to have lost all the evidence on Hunter Biden - oy vey!" he said in a gruff voice as he stroked his long, black beard. "I was just on my way to synagogue when I realized it was gone. I thought I had left it under my pile of dreidels. I even checked under my yarmulke, but it wasn't there! Oh no!"

Clintonstein further said he'll look for it every day this week, except on Shabbat, since "You know, we Jews don't work on Shabbat, according to wiki--I mean, my rabbi!"

"I'm such a schmuck!"

The documents have since been found and were sent back to Fox News, though they are making a mysterious ticking noise now.

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