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Vladimir Putin Clearly Visible Hiding Behind Oval Office Curtain

WASHINGTON, D.C.—As President Donald Trump worked late taking care of pressing presidential business in the Oval Office Thursday evening, sources inside the White House confirmed that Russian president Vladimir Putin was clearly seen peeking out from behind a gold-colored curtain near Trump’s desk.

Putin reportedly tried to remain still, but revealed a small portion of his face several times as he surveyed the goings on within the office, particularly when a group of advisors entered to discuss investigations into Trump’s ties with Russia.

When the team questioned the president regarding the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian collaboration, Putin was heard snickering behind the ornate drapery, which shook with his laughter, photos revealed.

“Had your campaign maintained any contact with Putin or other Russian agents that we should know about?” an advisor asked, glancing over at the curtain as the Russian president’s shoes were visibly protruding from underneath the cloth. “For instance, might he be in this room right now?”

With Trump quickly growing uncomfortable with the line of questioning, he walked toward the window and consulted with the drapes in hushed tones for several moments before turning around and informing the entire team of advisors that they were being fired, sources confirmed.

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