Woman Credits 'Daniel Plan' With Helping Her Shed 15 Years Of Reading Bible In Context

HAVELOCK, NC—Roughly three months ago, local woman Heidi Miller, 32, had had enough—and was bound and determined to change her lifestyle.

“I’d been this way since I was a kid—just, you know, life habits I picked up from my parents and my friends at church,” Miller said. “Then one day it just hit me as I walked past a mirror and caught a glimpse of my open Bible on the chair behind me, next to some commentaries and other study materials. That was the moment I realized that I’d been reading the Bible in its proper context for so long, I couldn’t even remember what it was like before I did.”

A burst of courage and a quick internet search brought Miller to Rick Warren’s The Daniel Plan—and nothing has been the same since.

“At first I was skeptical, sure, but after just a few days in the program I couldn’t believe the results I was seeing,” she said, adding that she was “blown away” by the Old and New Testament verses used in the book as though they existed in a vacuum, and the way Warren switches up translations in order to find the one that says exactly what he is trying to say.

“I followed the steps—I dreamed big, set goals, and found buddies to reaffirm me when things got tough, and here I am. After 15 years of only reading the Bible in context, those days are gone and I’m never going back,” Miller said. “The Daniel Plan was a Godsend—it worked for me, and it can work for you, too.”

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