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Worship Leader Out For Season With Torn E String

FRANKLAND, TN—In a tragic end to what began as a career season for Shockwave Church’s all-star worship leader, Paul “Reverb” Smith, the musician tore his E-string at Sunday evening service, sources confirmed.

As Smith slammed his pick down on his Martin guitar for what was to be an epic closing chord to “God of this City,” horrified congregants gasped in shock as his high E string snapped with a gruesome twang, sending half of the string flying up into his face and the other half slashing his strumming hand.

The worship band rushed Smith and his guitar to the hospital, where medical experts stated the outlook was grim. “We’ve seen torn E-strings like this before, but never this severe. We expect Smith to be out at least 6-8 weeks.”

The blow to Shockwave’s worship team couldn’t have come at a worse time, as the church had hoped to beat out Explosion Church’s high-profile marketing push for its upcoming VBS blowout. With an already shallow bullpen and no backup options, Shockwave’s hopes for unprecedented church growth may be shot for the season.

“There’s always next year,” said Mark Wiles, the church’s vision & growth pastor.

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