THE BEE WEEKLY: Leftist Memes and What’s Wrong With Modern Conservatives

Kyle and Ethan are joined by AlfonZo Rachel from Bronze Serpent Media to talk about leftist memes and the problem with modern conservatives. They also talked about the week’s weird news like how a third of millennials identify as gay or trans and two bald eagles got into a street fight proving that the bald eagle is the perfect bird to represent the United States. All this and more on The Bee Weekly!

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And Zo’s Bronze Serpent Media!

Kyle, Ethan, and Zo talk about how atheists were fast and furiously tipping their fedoras over our latest interview with Eric Metaxas and get a subscriber dare involving Canadian patriotism. The weird news this week includes a stripper’s monkey who bit a child on Halloween, a bald eagle brawl, another update on what the bears are up to, and an 8-year-old girl who is braver than you are. Also don’t jump into piranha infested waters, or eat tacos in space without a space plumber, or have your doctor write you a prescription for Climate Change.

Kyle, Ethan, and Zo then analyze some leftist memes so that, as conservatives, they can up their game, learning from the masters of comedy. Then, Zo fires off with what’s wrong with modern conservatives and why they keep getting the football taken away from them like poor Charlie Brown. As usual, there is some hate mail which is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

In the subscriber lounge, Zo answers The Ten Questions and helps Kyle and Ethan read bonus hate mail and subscriber headlines of the week. Also there are two mystery Babylon Bee subscribers who make an appearance!

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